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I had a gig the other day at one of our local parks. The host had a sound permit for the event as well as the location reserved. I get to the park and I began to download my equipment from my vehicle. As I looked around, I noticed there was construction going on right next to the park. I decided to check the outlets that I was going to use right around my area. Guess what? None of them worked. Due to the construction, the city turned off all the electricity in the immediate area of the park. Now there is a scramble to get the power turned on. The host calls the city. The city calls the electric company. The city manager calls the host and on and on. So finally, I noticed that the City National Bank van park near me have a 120 power supply in the back of the van. I asked if I could plug in to see if it would work........ Sure enough, it did. I had to think super quick on my feet to get this event off without a hitch. But it worked out in the end. Thankfully I was only playing Jazz music at a medium volume. No im.planning on putting a converter in my personal vehicle incase this comes up again. "Food for thought"

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